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How much would it cost to insure the I’m a Celebrity castle?

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December 1, 2020
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The over 14 million people tuning into the first episode of I’m a Celebrity this year might have got a nasty surprise if they were expecting the season to be set in the series’s typical location, Springbrook National Park, Australia.

Instead, the celebs will have to spend up to three weeks in Gwrych Castle, North Wales. This is a far cry from the Bushtucker Trials, deadly spiders and dehydration that’s usually a part of staying in the Australian outback for the chosen celebrities.

However, whilst staying in a castle might sound like the height of luxury to some, you’ll likely change your mind as soon as you catch a glimpse of Gwrych Castle. Sadly (or happily, if you’re looking forward to the likes of Sir Mo Farah, Jessica Plummer and Vernon Kay being tested by their surroundings), it’s more derelict than magical castle as vandals and thieves laid the already ruinous castle to waste in the recent past.

This means that I’m a Celeb contestants will have to face a whole new set of challenges this year, including how to shower in a castle with no running water, staying warm in a castle with no mains electricity or roof, and avoiding ghouls and ghosts in a castle that is allegedly haunted.

And that got us thinking: all this considered, how much would it cost to insure Gwrych Castle for the three weeks that I’m a Celebrity is airing?

To find out, we asked one of our Household Underwriters for a quote and the risks involved with insuring a castle like Gwrych.

Gwrych Castle’s insurance would cost £25,000 for three weeks

Illustration Gwyrch Castle insurance costs

That’s a high price to pay for just three weeks, but it’s fairly understandable when you think of all the risks involved with living in a derelict castle. The biggest risk factors are by far storm damage and theft or vandalism damage.

Storm damage

It’s almost inevitable that there will be some storm damage given that the series is taking place in late autumn to early winter – and in Wales no less, where most areas of the country will see an average of over 1,000mm of rainfall a year.

Given that the country house has no roof, it’s also much more open to the elements and therefore storm damage, though it might be a little difficult to distinguish further damage from the derelict castle’s pre-existing damage.

Whilst some areas of the castle are benefiting from temporary roofing to ensure production goes off without a hitch, severe storms could prove a challenge for the castle and contestants.

Theft and malicious damage

Given that the castle has fallen victim to theft and vandalism in the past, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to suggest that this could happen again, especially given the castle is housed on an estate of 250 acres. Thankfully there are around 40 guards garrisoned around the castle, and roads in and around the castle have been closed to improve security.

Non-standard building

Another factor for the insurance policy’s hefty price tag is that the building is a 200-year-old Grade 1 listed castle. This makes it a building that many insurance companies wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

Thankfully, as a specialist insurance broker, we’re able to cover buildings where others cannot. As a matter of fact, we even offer listed building insurance, with both contents and building cover for listed building owners.

Whilst they’ve likely already sorted out their insurance for the duration of I’m a Celebrity, a specialist insurance broker like Adrian Flux can help cover those difficult-to-insure buildings and vehicles. This makes us the perfect choice for listed building owners. And with renovations set to cost a whopping £10 million, the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust needs all the help it can get!

If you’re in need of a specialist insurance policy, find out more about our specialist home insurance by giving us a call on 0808 599 0677.

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