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Magic sleigh insurance: How much do you think Santa’s quote will cost?

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December 14, 2020
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The team at Adrian Flux like a challenge when it comes to providing affordable quotes for the weird and wonderful machines that people drive, but imagine their surprise when they received a call back request from a Mr S Claus of the North Pole who wanted a quote for his magic sleigh.

Yes, it seems Santa Claus is tired of paying through his very red nose for exorbitant insurance cover for him and his magic sleigh, so he decided to shop around for a better deal, or rather, he asked the team at Adrian Flux to do the shopping around for him. 

The spec for Santa and his magic sleigh was quite daunting, even for the team at Adrian Flux who have been in the bespoke insurance business for almost half a century.

magic sleigh

Here are the vital stats for the magic sleigh cover…

Name: Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, or simply, Santa.

Age: Apparently he is 1,749 years old (according to his website), but he stopped counting when he reached 550. But with all those years comes centuries of faultless driving. He has no claims history on his magic sleigh so there’s a maximum NCD and no convictions.

Address: The North pole, a more or less crime and accident free environment in which to live.

Occupation: Toy manufacturer, philanthropist, logistics and distribution expert, legend, saint, merry maker and all round good guy. 

The vehicle: A magic sleigh which flies and is reindeer-powered. It’s also packed with all manner of driver assistance safety mechanisms. It’s a self build model, made in Santa’s own workshop, so it’s unique, a real one off. It’s priceless and as old as he is.

Insurance needs: Santa only uses his magic sleigh one night a year so a short term policy will suffice. However, on that one night he clocks up an untold amount of miles so no room for a limited mileage policy here. He will also need a quote for laid up cover for the other 364 days of the year to keep the magic sleigh protected while it’s not in use.

Another thing to consider is the very valuable cargo he will be carrying when he is doing his rounds in his magic sleigh. With Christmas presents for all the children on his good behaviour list he will need an awful lot of possessions or goods in transit cover. 

Special needs: With Elf and safety in mind, he had better have a couple of named drivers on his insurance in case he inadvertently over indulges on mince pies and sherry and needs to get one of his helpers to drive the magic sleigh home. 

Santa was paying way too much for his insurance

Santa decided to review his insurance options after one company quoted him a staggering £5,000,000,000 to insure his magic sleigh — don’t they know it’ll soon be Christmas? 

When he saw the quote, Santa said: “Ho, Ho, How blinking much?”

He then tried getting a quote on a computer-based price comparison site but it wouldn’t work and then finally froze harder than the ice on the sleigh runners.   The computer simply couldn’t compute because of all Santa’s “non-standard” answers.

It was then that Rudolph, the clever reindeer with the glowing nose, reminded him that nothing compares better than a broker and advised him to try Adrian Flux, one of the country’s largest independently owned insurance brokers.

magic sleigh

And Santa’s magic sleigh insurance will cost…

So, over to one of Santa’s little helpers, Adrian Flux General Manager Gerry Bucke, to do the math and come up with a more sensible quote for the magic sleigh.

Gerry explained: “Santa would have to go with Lloyds, one of the few insurance companies with a licence to provide cover in most countries around the world for goods in transit. 

“As he lives in the North Pole, which is technically international waters, we believe UN sanctions don’t apply, therefore he can visit and give out presents to all good children around the world and be fully insured.

“Based on a conservative magic sleigh valuation of around £200 million, and with around 1.6 billion children needing presents at, shall we say £25 a head, he will need £40 billion goods in transit cover over the period.

“His age is not really a problem because we have lots of policy options for more mature drivers, and he has clocked up 500 plus years No Claims Bonus in his magic sleigh. That will bring the quote down considerably. We would also look to secure a fairly high excess on the policy which would bring it down even further. 

“We could quote £400,000 for goods in transit based on the 24 hour cover required. Thankfully, as he lives in international waters he won’t have to pay insurance premium tax which means no extra 12% to the government.

“For cover for the magic sleigh as a classic vehicle we can offer agreed value at no extra cost and considering limited use during the year, we could insure it for £500,000.

“We can also give him liability cover for risks in flight and on land for a one-off trip at £10,000.

“We would also suggest worldwide travel insurance, just in case he eats a dodgy mince pie or slips and breaks something and needs private health care, for £300 for a 12 month period.

“We could also provide cover for all the reindeer to give them 24/7 emergency vet cover worldwide. That would cost £150 per reindeer so, for the team of eight, that’s another £1,200.

“That will leave a total bill for Santa’s insurance at £911,500, which, we think is something of a bargain and it should give the big fella piece of mind when he sets out in his magic sleigh on Christmas eve.”

magic sleigh

Challenge Adrian Flux, just like Santa did

If you’re not happy with your insurance quote, especially if it’s over £2,000, why don’t you challenge the team at Adrian Flux to beat it, just like Santa did? 

You can get a cheaper and quicker quote over the phone — 79.4% of all customers receiving an online quote in September 2018 could have obtained a cheaper one over the phone, based on the information they provided. Call 0333 256 5817 or request a call back at a time that suits you.

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