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How to reduce the cost of your 4×4 insurance

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February 10, 2021
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If you drive a 4×4 you’ll probably have to pay a little more for your insurance than you would if you had a standard car, but there are some simple ways to find a cheap 4×4 insurance deal

Four-wheel drives tend to be in insurance groups on the higher end of the scale because of their size and weight. As a result, you will generally have to pay higher insurance premiums to account for this, but that is not a done deal. 

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Driving a hard bargain with your 4×4 insurance

Here brokers from Adrian Flux get into gear to provide 14 tips to secure a better deal on your 4×4 insurance, whether you drive an ex-MOD Land Rover, an imported Pajero, a kit 4×4, a classic off-roader, an SUV or aluxury model. 

1. Get a limited mileage deal

The average annual mileage for a car in the UK is 10-12,000 miles but if you think you’ll do less than that, you may qualify for a limited mileage discount. Discounts are available for agreed mileages of 7,500, 5,000, 3,000 or 1,500 miles per year, which is perfect if your 4×4 insurance is needed for weekend trips.

2. Park safe for cheaper 4×4 insurance

Always park your 4×4 with care and preferably off the road, on a driveway or better still in a garage, when it is left overnight. Your car will be at less risk of theft or vandalism or of being damaged by another passing car and it may just earn you money off your insurance premium.

3. Join the club

There are tons of 4×4 owners clubs out there for enthusiasts to join. The cost of membership is cheap but it may pay for itself as you could qualify for upto 10% discount on your 4×4 insurance premium.

4. No Claims Bonus

A year’s No Claims Bonus (NCB) can save you a large amount of money and the savings continue each year until you accrue five years when you could enjoy a discount of around 60%. Drive safe and build up your NCB.

5. Agree a higher voluntary excess

A voluntary excess is an extra amount you pay towards a fault claim. Most 4×4 insurance policies will include a standard excess but if you can afford to cover more of a claim yourself, then adding extra voluntary excess may well reduce your premium. You may find you can then buy an Excess Protection insurance policy, which will cover your new excess, for less money than you saved.

4x4 insurance

6. Multi-car money-saver on your 4×4 insurance

If the 4×4 you’re looking to insure is a second car make sure you tell the insurer. You will often get a discount just for having other vehicles, but when you combine it with limited mileage anda NCB as outlined above it can make a huge difference.

7. Add extra drivers

If you know a low risk driver that may use your 4×4, try adding them to your 4×4 insurance. When people drive vehicles that other people also use, they tend to treat the car more carefully. That means adding drivers can get you a discount.

8. Modified 4x4s may qualify for specialist cover

Owners of 4x4s love their modifications but however you mod your ride you must tell your insurer to keep your policy valid. People assume that mods will increase 4×4 insurance costs but that is not necessarily so. Whether you go for  a snorkel, winch and wider tyres, or even massive alloys, you may qualify for a specialist policy and benefit from extra discounts.

9. Keep learning

Specialist insurers will offer discounts for those with advanced driving qualifications, such as an Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM Roadsmart) course pass or, for new drivers, a Pass Plus certificate. Be sure to mention your extra qualification to save even more money. 

10. Get a quote sooner for your 4×4 insurance

Getting a quote at the last minute is often more expensive than getting one a few weeks in advance.Get your 4×4 insurance quote as soon as you can before you need it to help save money. Companies are usually happy to quote up to one month before your actual renewal date.

11. Invest to protect

Extra security precautions, such as an alarm, immobiliser or tracker, may pay for themselves because they will likely earn you a generous discount on your 4×4 insurance. Shop for Thatcham approved security device to get your discount.

12. Catch it on camera

As dashcams may be able to help settle a disputed claim, some policies give discounts for having a good quality camera fitted and working. Here is a list of Adrian Flux approved dashcams.

13. Provide a true value

When a broker calculates a 4×4 insurance premium they need to take into account what the vehicle is worth. They will rarely ask for proof, or inspect the vehicle for valuation purposes, so you must declare what you think it is worth. If you over-value your car your premium will be higher but it won’t mean you get paid out more in the event of a claim as all claims are assessed and the value of the vehicle at the time of the accident will be determined, regardless of what you said it was worth. 

14. Talk to a 4×4 insurance specialist

Don’t just use comparison sites or online quotes for your 4×4 insurance, they’ll be generated by a computer and can’t be altered. By talking to an insurance specialist on the phone you can make sure you’re answering all the questions correctly, and have someone on your side, helping find ways to save you money and get the very best cover. If you’ve been quoted more than £2,000 for your 4×4 insurance, give the team at Adrian Flux a call, they are confident they will be able to beat your best quote. 

The best Adrian Flux 4×4 insurance deals are usually over the phone — 79.5% of all customers receiving an online quote in July 2020 could have obtained a cheaper quote over the phone, based on the information they provided. 

What is your 4×4 insurance for?

Whether you use your 4×4 to drive in the town, in the country, or for off-road excitement, your running costs will likely be higher than for most standard cars, with more road tax, expensive fuel refills and increased costs for servicing and repairs. Thankfully, 4×4 insurance from Adrian Flux doesn’t have to break the bank. Call  0800 141 2794 or request a call-back at a time that suits you.


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