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Influx magazine: celebrating all things cars, bikes, people and culture

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July 16, 2021
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If you love cars and bikes, you’ll love Adrian Flux’s Influx magazine, a digital celebration of the incredible energy and commitment that people invest in their wonderful wheels. 

Cars and bikes of every description and from every era are honoured by Influx in insightful interviews, breathtaking photographs and absorbing HD film documentaries and soundtracks. 

A rich mix of fascinating Influx films

Delve into the rich mix of amazing stories and fascinating films that make Influx. Here, we’ve curated six of our personal favourite films:

Ex-Military – Machine of War

‘Machine of war’ is a tribute to the role played by military vehicles during armed conflict. It is a pensive, thought-provoking and emotionally charged documentary set to poetry.

Zero Motorcycles: Are electric bikes the future?

‘Are electric bikes the future?’ examines if electric powered motorcycles are the future or the here and now, and why so many people remain resistant to the power of the electric motorbike movement.

Car Chase – Budget Getaway: The Eleventh Hour 

‘Budget Getaway: The Eleventh Hour’ is escapism, dust clouds, high speed action, gun fights, flashes, crashes and it’s utterly compelling viewing. James Bond, eat your heart out.

Blood Harmony: The Brinkworths

Part of the Machines and Mental Health series of films, ‘Blood Harmony: The Brinkworths’  eavesdrops on the warm banter between dad and daughter discussing their shared passion for cars and motorbikes.

The Spirit of the Lotus Esprit

‘The Spirit of the Lotus Esprit’ pays homage to the Lotus Esprit, and why not? No embellishments, no cinematographic tricks, no smoke and mirrors, a simple tribute to a classic on a drive in the country.

Ove Fundin – Five Time Speedway World Champion

‘Five Times Speedway Word Champion’ features archive footage and a new interview with five times World Speedway Champion Ove Fundin. The 78-year-old’s gentle and thoughtful demeanor provides a stark contrast to his race day persona back in the 60s.

So what inspired Influx magazine?

The ultimate catalyst for Influx magazine was the dialogue between Adrian Flux and the car communities and biker tribes whose passion for cars and motorbikes goes beyond mere vehicle ownership.

Influx came into being around 15 years ago and, as long term contributor Michael Fordham explains: “Influx is a celebration of all things cars, bikes, people and culture”.

It features thousands of people, thousands of cars and thousands of motorbikes, and they are all showcased in original content featuring riveting text, compelling imagery, stunning HD film and emotion charged soundtracks. 

But don’t take our word for it. Influx magazine’s stylised film documentaries were a first for the insurance sector and numerous award nominations have been received. Millions of views on YouTube help to endorse the quality and emphasise the addictive watchability of the content.

These fabulous films, with their supporting articles, continue to be crafted regularly to deliver compelling content that enthusiasts can watch, listen to, read and ultimately enjoy. 

Making Influx content even more accessible

And now Influx sits on our website. Not only is it a reminder of who makes it and why, but it will help readers discover some of the other stories we are telling via other engaging content hubs such as Forever Cars, Forever Bikes and Cult Classics.

It will allow even more people to enjoy the huge volume of motoring content available and enable Influx to tell more stories and engage more deeply with the shared passion for cars and motorbikes and the communities that adore them. 

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