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Don’t try this. Ever.

According to an Australian study male drivers are more easily distracted than women whilst driving, and their attention wanders from the road when they change CDs, or read maps. Billboards are also a problem.

Even so the chap in this clip must have a very complicated CD system to have missed the red lights so spectacularly. Either that or the Eva Herzigova Wonderbra ad has made a comeback.

How to park a van

If you’re a van driver as skillful as this, we’d love to give you van insurance.

Otherwise don’t try this at home:

Floody Hell

As the Derbyshire police will tell you, you need to think twice before driving down a flooded street. And if there is a news crew present, perhaps think a third time as well. This young lady didn’t and her predicament was broadcast live on Sky.

Finally a guy driving badly …

After months of wanting a clip of a guy driving as badly as some of the women previously displaying their distinct lack of driving talent, I’ve finally got one.

This is why cars come with a handbrake – shame he was too dumb to use it…

It was all going so well, but just as I was about to post this, Gerry sent me this.

Now, just imagine you’ve had a really bad smash. For any sensible person, the priority would be, get out of the car and move to a safe distance, maybe call 999.

Not this lady …

Taking your car for a service?

Then don’t do this!

And don’t be tempted to save money on a carwash either…

Clamping down on the uninsured menace

After the sweeping powers they got last year, the police are to get yet more powers to seize uninsured vehicles. Under the new system, they won’t even have to catch someone driving the uninsured car, and will be able to grab the car from a private driveway. What’s more, if you don’t either renew your insurance, or else complete a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) you’ll be liable for an automatic fine of £100.

If this seems like overkill, consider this.

Approximately 1 car in every 20 on the roads does not have valid insurance.

The drivers of these uninsured cars caused 36,000 crashes last year, resulting in 27,000 injuries and, sadly, 180 people lost their lives at the hands of an uninsured driver. In a third of these crashes, the uninsured driver fled the scene, knowing that it would be virtually impossible to be traced.

All of this costs money, £500 million last year, or £30 on everybody’s premium.

Uninsured drivers are ten times more likely than average to be drink drivers, six times more likely to be driving a mechanically unsafe car and three times more likely to have a Careless Driving rap.

Whilst we can’t do anything about cars which are unsound, drivers with a less than perfect history can get insurance for much less than they might think. We have special schemes available for drivers with a chequered history, and drink driving and careless or dangerous driving convictions need not mean extortionate premiums.

For everyone else, the new rules will mean that you will have to keep on top of your car’s insurance status, and make sure that you complete a SORN if you’re keeping the car off the road. You should also consider laid up cover to make sure your car is protected whilst you are working on it.

But the extra burden of red tape may well be worth it to rid the roads of the uninsured menace.

The Bollards are back …

How not to exit a car park

This is a perfect demonstration of how not to drive if you want to keep your no-claims bonus intact. If you’re going to do this, perhaps you should check for CCTV cameras first, as the police will have no trouble tracking you down if you put on a show like this…

And, oh yes, it’s a woman! If anyone has a video of a man behaving this badly in a car, please, please, please send it to me.

Hit in the Bollards

Councils across the land are installing rising bollards in an attempt to keep motorists away from routes they’re not supposed to use. You would think placing a solid obstacle in way of the forbidden route would be more effective than just signs.

Clearly the designers reckoned without the British public.

I feel a claim or two coming on.