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The Cleanest Car in the World?

Imagine the scenario – while you’re out at the office, you’ve asked the other half to fill up the car at the petrol station and, hey, while she’s there, why not give the car a jetwash?

Something not dissimilar must have transpired here, as filmed by the incredulous occupants of the car behind…

Wonder what her fella said when she got home!

I checked with our claims manager, and he reckons it’s rather unlikely that an insurance company would pay out for any damage caused by this kind of idiocy, so please don’t be tempted to try it yourself.

How not to do Insurance Fraud

Mark Davis of Schenectady, New York, has provided what is, quite possibly, the dumbest insurance fraud perpetrated in recent years. He rang his insurer to report a broken rear windscreen on his Mitsubishi Eclipse. Problem was it wasn’t broken, so when the loss adjuster turned up, he found it intact and rejected the claim.

Clearly this wasn’t the result Davis had been hoping for, so he called back the insurance company and asked them to check it again. The adjuster dutifully returned to the car to find that it was indeed broken. Unfortunately for our would-be fraudster, he also found a bunch of witnesses who had seen Mr Davis smashing the window in himself.

So instead of receiving his claimed $3,300 payout, the witless crook can instead instead look forwards to getting up to seven years behind bars.

News reports are here, and here.

Are cars better than buses? Judge for yourself.

All of the environmental advantages of taking the bus to work are negated by two things:

First, hundreds of freeloading pensioners, who ‘need’ to get their shopping at rush hour, taking all of the seats.

Second, drivers like these:

Pimped Ride – literally…

Brothel Bus

Brothel Bus

Undercover police in Miami had the easiest bust in their lives when they were offered a ride in a heavily modified stretch limousine bus cruising through South Beach. Their $40 ‘fare’ got them on board a mobile brothel, where another sort of ride cost somewhat more.

So if anyone’s interested in acquiring a modified stretch bus, the Florida police have one available at a knock down rate, and if you need to insure it, make sure get a specialist modified car insurance quote.

Don’t tut a woman driver…

According to the esteemed Asia Insurance Review, researchers at Queensland University in Australia have found that :

A woman who is chided or criticised by her husband or male companion while she is driving is more than twice as likely to have an accident.

Apparently, 168 female students underwent a computer simulated psychological driving test. Half of the group were informed that the test would find out why men were better drivers then women, the other half were simply told the researchers were exploring the mental processes in driving.

Almost half the former group struck a (computerised) pedestrian who appeared suddenly, but only a quarter of the second group did.

The result of this – if women are bad drivers, it’s probably a bloke’s fault, hence womens’ car insurance is cheaper.

Yep, that must have been what happened here. After a quality attempt at parking, this lady is attempting to reverse out for another go.

Don’t try this. Ever

According to an Australian study male drivers are more easily distracted than women whilst driving, and their attention wanders from the road when they change CDs, or read maps. Billboards are also a problem.

Even so the chap in this clip must have a very complicated CD system to have missed the red lights so spectacularly. Either that or the Eva Herzigova Wonderbra ad has made a comeback.

Expensive Mistake by careless Ferrari Driver

If you are lucky enough to own a powerful rear-wheel drive car, whether it be something as exclusive as a Ferrari or something just a little more down to earth, like a Lotus or TVR, you need to be careful that you don’t lose control.

That’s why we offer such a massive discount on performance car insurance to owners who have completed a course like Ride Drive.