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GranCabrio Set for Frankfurt

Maserati have announced that the GranCabrio, the convertible version of the GranTurismo, will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 15th.

The GranCabrio will be the third prong in the trident carmakers line-up, the first open top four-seater in Maserati’s history. This car has breathtaking styling, developed by the well known Italian design firm Pininfarina, also responsible for the Ferrari Enzo, the Alfa Brera and the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti – need I say more!

If that wasn’t enough for you, the GranCabrio will use the 433 hp 4.7 l V8 lump from the GranTurismo S, although might be slightly slower due to the added weight from the extra bracing. Although performance figures haven’t been released yet, expect a 0-60 time of around 5.5 secs and a top speed of 180 mph.

The car will go on sale from early next year and unfortunately if I ‘ve got you excited you will have to part with around £90,000 to own one!

Also debuting at Frankfurt will be another gorgeous Pininfarina designed Italian supercar.

This will be the new offering from Ferrari, the 458 Italia their F430 replacement. This mid-engined beast will have a direct-injected 4.5 l V8 that blasts out 562 horsepower!

Keep your eyes peeled to Influx this month as next week the Italia theme will be launched.

I’m now off to book a flight to Frankfurt … Ciao Bella!

Bucke Backs Ronaldo

As most of you will know, Ronaldo stacked his Ferrari 599 into a roadside barrier. Here’s a before and after of the £200,000 sports car …

Adrian flux have had a bit of publicity from this unfortunate accident. The Guardian focused on the fact Ronnie might have trouble getting a new insurance deal, with Gerry Bucke offering his opinion on the matter. People from AA and Churchill seem very reluctant to insure the Man Utd Winger, with Churchill saying they may not even touch him on a 1.0 L Fiesta. Gerry was the only manager that was prepared to insure him, saying that “anything is possible” and that Flux had already insured a sportsman in his twenties on a McLaren F1.

The quote’s have even made it on Bulgarian and Chinese news sites.

This may well have been the scene shortly after the accident.

Unfortunately for Gerry, rumours of the ‘Fifa Player of 2008’ joining Ipswich in light of these comments have been denied and Real Madrid still remain favourites.

Naked Woman in a Ferrari stops for cigarettes

Yes you read that right. Customers and staff at a petrol station near the town of Dömitz, Germany looked on admiringly as a splendid red Ferrari F430 pulled up at the forecourt.

Then came the “drop your bratwurst” moment as a naked blonde climbed out of the passenger seat, and wearing nothing more than a pair of gold stilettos (this is Germany, remember), along with a watch, a bracelet and belly chain, not to mention some substantial tattoos, proceeded to walk into the garage and purchase 6 packets of cigarettes. (The lady behind the counter helpfully confirmed that the mystery nudist was carrying cash in her hand.)

The unclothed Teutonic maiden then calmly walked back to the waiting Ferrari climbed back in, and she and her unseen companion sped off like the proverbial Valkyrie.

But not before a young snapper named Karsten had bagged a couple of photos of the unclad passenger, and, like a true gent, he has published them on the net and had them published in the tabloid Bild. (Summary in english.)

But the question remains, why?

Bild suggested that perhaps the Ferrari’s air conditioning was broken.
Maybe she was so desperate for a post-coital cigarette that she didn’t stop to put clothes on?

I guess we’ll never know.

But I have checked, and as far as I can tell, if you have a crash whilst driving naked, you will still be covered by your car insurance, although you may be arrested for something else!

Expensive Mistake by careless Ferrari Driver

If you are lucky enough to own a powerful rear-wheel drive car, whether it be something as exclusive as a Ferrari or something just a little more down to earth, like a Lotus or TVR, you need to be careful that you don’t lose control.

That’s why we offer such a massive discount on performance car insurance to owners who have completed a course like Ride Drive.

Influx and Ferrari

Everyone with an insurance policy with Adrian Flux should by now have received their copy of influx, the Adrian Flux magazine. As we’ve mentioned before, we didn’t want to just produce an ordinary, boring, corporate magazine that was full of puff pieces about us.

So instead we packed it full with really awesome pictures of some of our favourite cars and bikes, professionally produced articles that any enthusiast would like to read, as well as some of our customer’s own cars with a story to tell.

The end result is, in our opinion, the best car magazine in the UK.

The latest issue is crammed with features on Surfers and their Surf Wagons, Drifting, Group B Rally cars and the Buell Lightning Super TT, amongst 64 pages of unadulterated motoring eye candy.

But the cover story is our test drive of the new Ferrari F430 F1 Spider.

We initially asked Ferrari (if we could take a photo of their new beast of a cabrio. But when we rang them, they asked if we wouldn’t prefer to take it for a test drive. So that’s what happened.

Some lucky so and so (not me, sadly) got to take it this awe inspiring machine on a four day tour of some of the historic racing circuits of Europe – Reims, Le Mans, Spa – and a single page photo turned into a 6 page feature article and wraparound cover.

Ferrari obviously like it, (Link Removed) anyway. We hope you do too.