Caravan Accessories Guide

Must-have accessories for the modern camper

Use the interactive caravan accessory guide to find out how you can modify your caravan to meet the needs of modern campers.

To their owners they are homes away from home; a first class ticket to the freedom of the open road. To their detractors, they are claustrophobic annoyances of the road and the stuff of childhood holiday nightmares.

Whatever your feelings about caravans, the fact is that they've barely changed over the decades, and chances are if you went to look around a caravan now it would be remarkably similar to the caravans of your youth. There's nothing wrong with that, of course; it's a tried and tested design - but here at Adrian Flux we thought it might be time to drag caravans into the 21st century.

To get caravanners across the UK thinking about how they can update their holiday habitats and enjoy all the comforts of modern living on the road, we've put together this interactive guide.

From fingerprint scanners on your doors and solar panels on your roof, through to iPads loaded with the most helpful camping apps and Bluetooth sound systems in your bathroom, the range of gear available to the tech-savvy camper is practically endless.

Click through the areas of our caravan to discover all of the gadgets and tech available to the modern camper - and don't forget to share your favourites with family and friends on social media. Get in touch with us too on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what mods you've made to your caravan, and what additions you'd make to our guide.

Whether you own a modified caravan of the future, or a more traditional affair of the past, you could save money on your caravan insurance with Adrian Flux.

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Accessories Included

If you fancy browsing or getting your hands on any of the caravan accessories we've used in our guide, click on the links below: