FluxScore Black Box Car Insurance

Facing high insurance premiums? Speak to us about FluxScore black box insurance to get a quote. Our telematics scheme rewards safe driving and could ultimately cut your premiums by up to 60%.

Key features and benefits

We're convinced we offer one of the best black box insurance policies for new drivers. Here's why.

Added freedom

  • FluxScore can be installed yourself without hassle - no need to hang around for a technician
  • No curfews are imposed, offering greater freedom

Increased driving safety

  • Online maps marking locations of incidents or driving mistakes
  • GPS black box acts as a phone and locator in an emergency
  • Warning system alerts you of unsafe driving and a rising premium
  • Weather alerts help you adjust driving to road conditions
  • Data stored on device can be used to back up your account in a claim

Fast account management

  • Daily updates to help you keep track of your renewal premium
  • Smartphone app available on Android and iOS
  • App and map access for all named drivers - perfect for young driver insurance
  • Helps ease parental concerns

How does FluxScore telematics insurance work?

Step one: Give us a call to buy FluxScore

Step two: Install the FluxScore app and black box yourself

Step three: Drive away happy

Step four: Check the app for daily updates

Step five: Get a discount for safe driving

With our smartphone app installed and your black box fitted on your car's windscreen, every trip you take in your car will be given a points score for how well you've driven.

At the end of each day, your daily points total is used to determine how safe you've been on the road, and a notification will be sent to your phone to let you know how your day's driving has affected your renewal premium. A good annual score could potentially save you up to 60% on your insurance next year!

If you make too many mistakes, such as breaking the speed limit, we'll send warning notifications to your phone and email you a link to our customer portal where you can view maps of the journeys you've made, and see where you went wrong.

Who is it for?

Telematics insurance is designed for young drivers, but it's available to others too. If you're facing high insurance premiums following an accident or driving ban, FluxScore could help you get you back on the road for less. It also offers you the opportunity to prove you're a safe driver.

This scheme is perfect for:

  • students
  • young drivers
  • New or first time drivers
  • van owners
  • drivers coming back from a ban or conviction

How can black box insurance save me money?

By sending you daily updates via your smartphone, the FluxScore app could help you to save money on your renewal premiums. Each day, when your total points are calculated, the app will give you a prediction of what your premium will be if you drive well each day between now and your renewal.

Drivers can then use the app to track their savings across the year, discover what bad habits are making them more expensive to insure and compete with themselves to reach better scores every day, and to save more money.

Every named driver on the policy has access to the app and customer portal, making FluxScore useful insurance for young drivers who need their parents on their policy, or for parents who want to monitor their son or daughter's driving.

Gerry Bucke, general manager at Adrian Flux, said the app was already saving customers money on their renewals.

"The combination of a points system to reward good drivers, and an alert system in the app to warn drivers of their mistakes, has not only seen the majority of policyholders' premiums drop, but many people come to us to say that it has helped improve their driving," he added.

"Our data shows that even the 20 worst drivers on our books, those who regularly received bad scores and alerts at the start of their policy, were able to respond to alerts and change their habits within 30 days to achieve scores that will ultimately save them money on their renewals."

How do I install the black box?

The whole installation process takes just a few minutes and the black box is delivered with step-by-step instructions. Watch this video to guide you through the process.

How does the FluxScore app work?

Installing and using the FluxScore smartphone app couldn't be simpler. To help you make the most of the app and potentially start saving money right away, we've made a video guide to FluxScore.

Jordan Markwell, a student from Norfolk, was one of the first to sign up to help trial the new policy during its development.

"I found the app to be incredibly useful," he said. "It doesn't nag or restrict you if your driving slips, but does inform you that it might rise in price. I think this gives you an incentive to keep driving well, and to try to improve each day and make up for any mistakes.

"Each morning the app sends a push notification to let you know about how yesterday's driving affected your premium, and after a while I found that my insurance had become almost like a game, competing with myself to keep my scores down and to save more money each day."

To find out more about FluxScore black box car insurance or to get a quote, call our team today on 0800 369 8590 or click the callback button below.

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Can I drive at night?

While some telematics policies impose a curfew on you, FluxScore gives you the freedom to drive any time you want. We don't believe in limiting you; after all, a car is all about giving you some independence, and we don't want to limit that.

What happens if I get into an emergency?

The FluxScore telematics box includes GPS tracking to locate you in an emergency. The device can also be used as a phone, meaning that even if there is an accident, we can call the emergency services for you.

I had a bad day of driving – will I still be penalised?

A one-off bad day of driving is less likely to be penalised than constant unsafe driving over days, weeks or months. So it may be possible to recover from the odd bad day by returning to safe driving habits. Your policy provider is more concerned about consistently unsafe driving as it can signal that you're at higher risk for accidents.

It's worth bearing in mind that the black box reflects how the car is driven and does not differentiate between drivers. This means that if you share your car with siblings, parents or someone else, everyone's driving will be taken into account, not just yours.

Will my data be shared?

No, we make it a priority to ensure your data is protected. The data recorded by your black box is only used to work out your insurance premiums. Please note that information might be shared with the police if requested for use in criminal investigations.