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How steamy are UK motorists? Britain's hotspot map

Generations of British youngsters have turned their cars into steamy-windowed passion wagons. But what else goes on behind the dashboard, and which cities’ motorists are most – and least - likely to get frisky on four wheels? Specialist insurance broker Adrian Flux decided to find out. We asked more than 1,000 people to share their deepest motoring secrets – and we weren’t disappointed.

Click on the categories on the right to change the display and find out if you live near one of Britain’s horny hotspots.

Well, there you have it – the answer to that common question, ‘which city has the naughtiest motorists after dark?’ – and the winner is clear! Birmingham came in the top 5 for most categories, meaning we can name Brummies as the cheekiest drivers in the country. These results have certainly brought a new meaning to the idea of the UK being a nation of car lovers, but perhaps in some saucy and surprising ways.

Adrian Flux is an expert insurance broker for standard, classic, imported and modified cars – and everything in between. We also offer specialist policies for young and learner drivers, as well as motorists with convictions. We promise not to judge you on what you get up to behind closed doors (or out in the open) when you call us for a free car insurance quote.

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Find out how your city did in each category below:

Place Sex in car Pleasured self Pleasured someone else Sex over the bonnet or boot Dogging
Birmingham 70.5% 28.6% 39% 33.3% 18.1%
Bristol 67.3% 10.9% 23.6% 30.9% 7.3%
Cardiff 64.1% 7.7% 28.2% 28.2% 2.6%
Edinburgh 55.6% 22.2% 30.6% 22.2% 8.3%
Glasgow 75.0% 13.6% 27.3% 25.0% 11.4%
Leeds 62.7% 7.2% 19.3% 24.1% 2.4%
Liverpool 72.5% 12.5% 37.5% 17.5% 12.5%
London 65.8% 15.2% 30.4% 24.0% 11.8%
Manchester 69.2% 9.0% 28.2% 29.5% 14.1%
Newcastle 62.1% 10.3% 27.6% 13.8% 3.4%
Norwich 63.6% 12.1% 39.4% 18.2% 6.1%
Nottingham 70.5% 13.6% 27.3% 18.2% 4.5%
Sheffield 71.2% 15.4% 36.5% 21.2% 3.8%
Southampton 69.4% 10.2% 26.5% 14.3% 4.1% - Save money with Specialist Insurance

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