Silverstone Classic: Rock and Booty



Now is it just me, or is the recently announced music lineup at this year’s Silverstone classic the weirdest imaginable?

Lewis Hamilton might be dating Pussycat Doll in Chief, but we think the connection between lycra pop and classic sports cars is tenuous in the extreme. Will the new breed of neo classicist dig Carlos Santana’s retro noodling? Will the bearded veterans the box-stirring and greasey-rag bothering understand the significance world’s naughtiest girl band? Whatever the non-automotive entertainment on offer, the classic is always an impressive event.

This year the event is due to take place from 24 to 26 July 2009, featuring the world’s iconic racing cars and marques. Race grids include pre-war sports cars, Grand Prix race cars, Group C Le Mans racers to the stunning pre-’63 GT and sports cars, alongside other crowd favourites such as, Mini racing, Touring cars, Formula Junior and even Edwardian race cars.

Both young and seasoned racers, as well as celebrities and racing heroes will take to the track for three days of atmospheric and thrilling on-track action. Silverstone Classic will host more than 70 car clubs, 4000 cars on display, automobilia sales and a classic car auction, and further entertainment from stunt bikes to drag racing.

Get your freak on and get down to see some real cars racing this summer.