Aussie Iron – vintage Australian surf cars

Cars Culture

Photograph: John Witzig

Even if you care nothing about the noble art of surfing, if you have a penchant for the abilities of old cars to take you places you won’t fail to enjoy this heart-heart-rendingly nostalgic video from Australia in the 1960s.

And whats more you’ll see how hard these fellas pushed their heavy old heaps of Aussie iron. You could wile away a fun ten minutes trying to name which cars are which. We’re certainly no Australian car experts.

It focuses on the explorations of a coterie of Australian surf pioneers, at the heart of which were Bob McTavish pictured overlooking one of Noosa’s point-breaks, is lovely old FJ Holden in silent contemplation to the right.

The picture by Photographer John Witzig is one of those that’s passed into legend. Noosa heads, now about as crowded and developed as a beach side resort can get, was when Witzig and friends like hydrodynamic Genius George Greenough found it, this eden like exotic spot.

Certainly shows that you don’t need bespoke, surf-marketed SUVs to get you places.

All I’ve Found (George Greenough) – Sea Movies from on Vimeo.