How do I get insured on my parents’ car?

If you have a good relationship with your parents, it’s likely that a short chat is all that’s needed to for you get permission to be insured on their car. If you have already started driving lessons, they may even be expecting you to ask. However, if you don’t feel confident about asking your parents or what the outcome of the conversation might be, our guide will ease your mind. Here are our top tips for how to get insured on your parents' car…

Put your heads together

The best way to deal with most situations is to talk about them. And the best way to get what you want is to take a mild-mannered and well-informed approach. Making them a cup of tea before you all sit down together probably wouldn’t hurt either – it will probably calm your nerves too.

Present the facts

Practising the skills taught in driving lessons can dramatically reduce the length of time it takes for learners to prepare for their driving test. So, if your parents are able to help you, getting a driver insurance policy on their car could make a big difference in:

  • reducing the overall cost of your lessons
  • improving your driving skills
  • boosting your confidence on the road.

Put their minds at rest

Remember – there are no dual controls in your parents’ car! So, it’s best to wait until you’ve had the first few lessons with your professional instructor before hitting the road with them to practise. That way, they’ll feel secure in the knowledge that you already have the basics covered before climbing into their driver’s seat.

Don’t forget!
Before you’ve passed your driving test, you must always be supervised while driving. Anyone you practise with must have held a full driving licence for three years; be qualified to drive the type of vehicle you’re learning in; and be over 21 (or, in the case of some driver insurance policies, over 25).

Keep their no claims bonus safe

Tell your parents about learner driver insurance. If you take out one of these policies to run alongside their own standard policy, you’ll be protecting their no claims bonus, which will remain unaffected if you happen to be involved in an accident while driving.

These policies are cost effective, with fees from less than 85p per day, and there’s lots of choice available on the market, including short-term and pay-as-you-go policies. Your parents can arrange learner drivers insurance on your behalf – or you could take the lead and save them the trouble.

Ease the burden

If your parents are concerned about taking on the responsibility of supervising you or accidentally teaching you outdated techniques, then suggest that they speak to your driving instructor after each lesson. That way, they can keep up to date with your progress and what you’re learning.

There are lots of tips for parents available online, too, which you could point them towards. That way, they’ll know how best to make use of your practice time – and how to avoid putting any undue pressure on you!

Enjoy the experience!

Driving practice can be a real bonding experience for you and your parents, as they take an active role in building your confidence, helping you to make one of the biggest achievements of your life – and keeping you safe on the road.

Why not check out our guide to supervising a learner driver and send the link to your mum or dad?

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