Save money and get practice while waiting for your driving test

Frustrated by the DVSA online driving test booking service crash? Good news from Adrian Flux insurance and advice on what you should do next if you have been left disappointed.

You can’t book a driving test because the DVSA website has crashed but it’s not all bad news — the delay could present learner drivers with a great opportunity to save money and get more driving practice too.

The DVSA site went down under the strain of thousands of people trying to book a test after the relaxation of Covid-19 lockdown rules.

The problems have been exacerbated because, when the site is up and running, driving tests can only be booked up to six weeks in advance. This is to allow the DVSA to react quickly to any changes in government guidance on coronavirus.

Many learner drivers complained on social media that they needed to take their tests so they could get to school or university or to a part time job to fund them while they were at uni.

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Frustrating DVSA learner driver delays

The DVSA outage is very frustrating for all those learner drivers chomping at the bit to take their practical driving tests, but there may be some good news.

To keep learner drivers in good form as they wait for their test they will need plenty of practice and they could save a small fortune by having lessons in a friend or family member’s car.

Very often learners struggle to find someone to take them for lessons because the car owners are fearful of them having a prang and jeopardising their no claims bonus.

But with Adrian Flux learner drivers can take out their own insurance policies on other people’s vehicles which would protect the car owner’s NCB in the event of them having to make a claim.

Learners should book tests through their instructors

A spokesman at Caroline’s Driving School in King’s Lynn said the DVSA outage was frustrating for those learners who were ready to book their tests but unable to do so.

She said: “There’s very little they can do. The website is up for a day and then down for a couple of days. They can’t ring the DVSA, they just have to sit and wait and keep practicing.”

She added: “Learners should try to book through their instructors. We’ve managed to book tests for most of our learners through our business booking system but it’s very frustrating for those who are trying to book for themselves and are having to wait.”

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Learner driver insurance from 75 pence a day

Learner driver insurance with Adrian Flux costs from as little as 75 pence a day and the beauty is, you don’t have to take out an annual policy. You can be covered for as long as you need to book, take and pass your test. 

And you won’t be spending out on driving lessons which could be costing up to £30 a go.

According to the DVSA, the average learner driver needs 47 lessons and 22 hours of private practice before they pass their test, that’s more than £1,400. Isn’t it time you started saving money? 

Government data secured by Adrian Flux revealed that more than 67.7% of learner drivers get their full licence within a year of first receiving their provisional. Only 18.5% manage it in less than six months and these people are more likely to be experienced, older drivers than new drivers.

For more advice for learner drivers check out the Adrian Flux Learner Driver hub. Call 0330 123 1232 or click the link for a quote.