Future Stars: Jody Scott is on track with his speedway hopes

Words by Gavin Caney
September 27, 2021
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In the third of our Future Stars series, we focus on another young motorsport hopeful who has been sponsored by Adrian Flux. This time our attention turns to Jody Scott – a teenage speedway rider who lets his racing do the talking.

Being a team mascot for the King’s Lynn Stars 

“Jody doesn’t say much,” laughs his dad Shaun, a man who could talk for hours about his love of two-wheel racing.

“It’s why you’re talking to me. He just wants to be a speedway rider and says he’s going to do whatever he needs to do so he can become one.”

Despite being just 14, he’s already the team mascot for King’s Lynn Stars, who ride at the top level of speedway in the UK. He’s been on the podium at three of the six British Youth Championships rounds in 2021 and finished fourth overall in what is his first full year of racing. So the talented rider from South Creake, near Fakenham, is certainly on the right track.

But where did the journey start?

Jody Scott crouching down next to his speedway bike.

Jody Scott has enjoyed his year as KIng’s Lynn Stars’ club mascot. PICTURE: IAN BURT

Teenage talent owes so much to Peter Schroeck

Shaun’s love of superbikes and reignited association with speedway lit the fire of Jody’s interest in the latter. As that passion grew, a training school at Rye House, under the tutelage of Peter Schroeck, allowed the 10-year-old to enjoy a first experience of getting it sideways. 

Shaun said: “He watched me do a ride and slide day and said ‘can I have a go?’ So we took him to the Hagon Shocks Academy at Rye House and he just had a go and it snowballed from there really.

“His brother Toby showed more promise to be honest and I thought he’d be the one who went on to become a rider. But after a year or so in 2018, Jody went out and Peter was like ‘what have you done with him? It’s like you’ve thrown a switch.’ We’re not sure why it happened but it’s like everything clicked.

“Peter’s influence has been huge if I’m honest. He’s been there from day one. Speedway is a community and there’s lots of riders like Connor Mountain, and the guys at King’s Lynn, who have been so helpful.

“Jody loved being the Stars’ mascot this season and leading the team round on the parade and doing laps after the meeting when he can. He’s a Lynn fan, it wasn’t that long ago he was there having selfies with Robert Lambert and filling up his autograph book, so it’s been an amazing year for him that’s for sure.”

Toby Scott, left, and Jody Scott.

Toby Scott, left, and Jody Scott during happier speedway times together. Picture: SUBMITTED

Running over 14-year-old brother ruined speedway for Toby Scott

It could have been both boys who are living their dad’s speedway dream. They’d already excelled in taekwondo with Toby becoming a world champion and Jody winning every national and regional title on offer.

So it was no surprise they continued to show huge potential in the world of another sport – oval racing with no brakes. That was until a 2019 accident changed everything.

“The boys were on the 250ccs in a Dragons meeting at Rye House,” said Shaun.

“They were out together in the same race and it ended up being a disaster. Jody lost it, slid off and Toby ran straight over the top of him. He ran over his brother and while Jody was a bit battered and sore, I didn’t realise how much it had actually affected Toby.

“Jody is a tough cookie and doesn’t dwell on much. He has a ‘this is speedway’ type of mentality when things like that happen. But looking back, Toby was pretty nervous on his bike for a few months after and in the end admitted the crash had frightened him so much he didn’t want to ride anymore. He thinks about things a lot and that changed it all for him.”

Jody, left, and Toby back show off some silverware during their taekwondo days.

Jody, left, and Toby show off some silverware during their taekwondo days. PICTURE: SUBMITTED

Championship clubs already eyeing teen ace Jody Scott

So what next for the Norfolk starlet, a pupil at Alderman Peel High School in Wells-next-the-Sea? Progression to a bike with a 500cc engine is in the offing and spending more time racing or practicing at tracks across the country to aid his development.

“I sold my superbikes to fund the boys’ speedway hopes as I love my kids,” added electrician Shaun, who owns SFS Electrical.

“I’m living my dream through Jody as I always wanted to be a rider but never got the opportunity. While he’s enjoyed it I’ve been happy to help and support him – it was the same with Toby. Jody’s got it, I know he has, and that’s why I’m even happier to keep him going.

“Jody is a bit of a late starter really. He’s doing laps against people who have been on a bike since they were four or five yet I know he’s capable of beating anyone on his day, it’s just a case of putting it all together now.

 ‘We’ve already had offers from Championship (second tier) clubs who thought Jody was riding on a 500cc so they’re surprised to know he’s still on a 250cc. That’s the next step. I think 500cc will suit him though because he’s so smooth. He’s not hanging off the bike, he takes it for a ride rather than the bike taking him for a ride.”

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Shaun Scott, right, and Jody prepare for action.

Shaun Scott gets his son ready for action. Picture: DEREK LEADER

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Feature image taken by DEREK LEADER.