Taxi Insurance

Whether you drive or own a taxi for business or simply choose to drive one for personal use, you may struggle to get taxi insurance from some providers. With more than 40 years experience of finding the ideal specialist insurance policies to suit our customers, Adrian Flux are sure to be able to help you, whatever your insurance needs are.

At Adrian Flux we know that your taxi is far more than just a car. As an intrinsic part of your business or even as a stylish and classic way to get about town, it is important that your taxi is kept safe at all times and, importantly, that you aren't limited in its use. Other insurers can penalise you for using your vehicle commercially or may even charge exorbitant premiums simply for owning a more unusual car.

Often, insurers may also punish taxi drivers because of the higher average mileage that you do, statistically increasing the risk of an accident. At Flux however, we are committed to helping our fellow motorists and car enthusiasts find the best deal.

Whilst taking higher risks into account, we also realise that as your taxi is integral to your livelihood or is even the vehicle you rely on day-to-day, you are far less likely to take risks with it, meaning we can help you find policies that get you both affordable and reliable insurance.

Taxi Insurance Policy Features

Whilst it can be tempting to pick the cheapest policy available on the market or to get one from a discount insurer, you should look for a policy that offers both affordability and level of cover. Why cut corners and leave yourself unprotected with insufficient taxi insurance when we can help you find a policy which brings you all these benefits at a great price?

  • Taxi insurance at a variety of levels, including comprehensive, third party or third party, fire and theft - giving you the right level of cover and keeping your costs down
  • Taxi liability insurance, for commercially used taxies, keeping you and your business safe and secure whilst at work
  • A 24-hour claims line, staffed by professional insurance experts is here to help you with any problems you might ever have
  • The option to pay your taxi insurance by installments, meaning you can split the cost of your cover
  • A whole host of optional extras are available to add to your taxi insurance policy, from breakdown cover to legal insurance and key care - tailoring the level of cover to your needs

The Right Taxi Insurance Broker For You

In order to provide Taxi Insurance for our commercial customers we have teamed up with Milestone Insurance Consultants, a leading broker with specialist knowledge of this market. Due to their experience and access to many leading taxi insurers, Milestone are able to provide the right cover for your needs at competitive terms.

To find out more about our personal use insurance for taxis or any of our other policies, contact Milestone House today on 0800 085 6072.