Top 10 cars to drive before you die

We’ve seen – and we’re sure you have too – a lot of places telling you what they think are the top 10 cars to drive before you die, so which should you believe?

Unless you’ve driven pretty much everything and have no personal preference towards a type of car then really it’s just an opinion, unique to whoever wrote the list.

So we did things differently, offering the chance for everyone to vote on what cars they’d choose from a shortlist.

The list had a wide range of cars famous for being fun and desirable, ranging from hypercars and luxury barges to 4x4s and microcars. We asked people to choose whether they would like to drive one or not, (or whether they weren’t too bothered) and whether they’d already driven one, taking the opinion of those with real experience at greater value.

After the numbers were fed through the computers we found the top 10 cars to drive before you die as voted for by the people of the UK.

There are only 10, so your personal favourite is almost certainly not there (if you’re wondering, the Bugatti Veyron missed out in 11th place) – and a lot of our own favourites didn’t make it, like the BMW M3,  Mazda MX-5, Citroën DS, Lancia Stratos, even Reliant Robin –  but who are we to argue with a public vote?

No.10Lotus Elise / Exige

Squeezing into the top 10 in the same way it squeezes through gaps in traffic, the Lotus deserves its inclusion here.

While others were putting huge engines in their cars, Lotus opted for feisty 1.8-litre units from Rover and then Toyota, keeping the weight down to help make sure the handling and acceleration really could rearrange your anatomy.

No.9Any Lamborghini

Pipping the diminutive Lotus to 9th place, Lamborghinis have always been desirable.

Originally a tractor manufacturer (and still are), when Mr Lamborghini was disappointed with what Ferrari had to offer, and Mr Ferrari refused to alter his car, Lamborghini became their rival.

Any Lamborghini car is a dream machine, so we don’t mind which one, we’d want to experience a drive in any!

No.8Ford Mustang

Built by the company that built cars for all people, the Mustang has always been the hairy-chested way to get around without breaking the bank.

With big engines and big presence, any Mustang can stake a claim to be on your wish list.

Ford have even helpfully made the new model right hand drive for the first time so make it easier…

No.7McLaren F1

When it was introduced it took the breath of the car industry away.

Most people could have guessed this would be in the top 10 (but as the Bugatti Veyron didn’t make it, it’s certainly not just about top speed) and would the proud McLaren brand really be happy with a 7th place finish?

Well, for 2017 that seems about right…

No.6Any Ferrari

Ferraris come in different shapes and sizes, but they’re all ultra-desirable and have performance to match their price tags.

Whether it’s a classic curvy ’60s car that was bred on the track, an indulgent ’80s showpiece, or one of today’s incredible performers, enough people wanted to drive one to get it all the way up to 6th.

No.5Aston Martin DB5

All Aston Martins could stake a claim to be on this list, but with the prowess and kudos of being James Bond’s pick, the DB5 makes it.

Made to look expensive in its day by rivals from Jaguar et al, its price just made the car even more exclusive and desirable.

Fifth place in this company shows how much the people of the world want to experience being Bond.

No.4Porsche 911

The 911, whichever generation you choose, is the pinnacle of rear-engined motoring, and being a handful to drive makes each one so much more rewarding.

From dainty air-cooled early cars to modern tech masterpieces, would the iconic 911 make it onto your own wishlist?

It had enough votes to get it into 4th place – but what could have beaten it onto the podium?

No.3Lotus / Caterham Seven

A podium finish for what Colin Chapman – the creator of Lotus Cars – believed to be the best handling car on the public roads.

Caterham went on to purchase the rights to the design and it remains a stunning experience for the driver, sat right over the rear wheels and rocketing up to speed in a blur, it’s an experience that a lot of people would like to savour.

No.2Jaguar E-Type

A silver medal for the E-Type.

These classic British sports cars with exceptional performance, luxury and class aplenty, can be forgiven for having a bonnet long enough to make you weep at every blind junction, especially if there’s a V12 purring under it.

So what car could have been voted more popular to drive before you die than this?

No.1Mini (original)

The winner was a clear one.

Scoring 25.6 per cent higher than its nearest rival, the E-Type, the little car with a big personality has character by the bucketload.

A strangely-angled steering wheel and short wheelbase made this feisty little motor feel like a go-kart, and it proved it’s possible to have fun without a huge powerplant – so much fun that it is the most desirable car to drive before you die.


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