Top 10 cars to sleep in

We’ve probably all taken an impromptu nap in our car at some point, but what if circumstances conspire to leave you needing somewhere to lay your head for more than a quick 20 minutes?

Maybe your holiday campsite has been washed out, you’ve been locked out (or chucked out!) of your own house and can’t find a sofa to crash on, or you’re just saving cash on a hotel for the night on a long journey.

Cars are clearly designed for driving, not snoozing, so we put our heads together to find the 10 best cars to sleep in that might not leave you as stiff as a board the next morning.

Just don’t blame us if you get a little cold trying it out.

No.10Citroen Xsara Picasso

The budget entry on our list, the Citroen Xsara Picasso is available for a few hundred quid, making it a value for money place to kip – and you can also use it as a car!

A solid starting point for the would-be nomad, the Picasso has a good amount of interior space, even if you won’t catch too many admiring glances as you drive around, slowly.

No.9Range Rover

Giants of the highways and, in recent years, the essence of luxury motoring, Range Rovers of all models provide comfort, space and style – just as at home in the Highlands as on the mean streets of Chelsea.

With plenty of room inside, though sadly not enough space for a mattress, and world class off-road performance, you’ll be free to travel and sleep wherever you fancy.

A definite contender for best car to sleep in if you decide to make your escape to the wild for a few days.

No.8Maybach 62

The rear of a Maybach 62 is probably about the most comfortable space in any car ever built – with fully reclining back seats which combine to make a bed and folding tables for dinner.

There’s a display in the roof so that you can check the time and outside temperature from your bed, surround sound speakers, two TVs, a CD and DVD player, and a fridge. You can even splash out on an external speaker system if you like, letting you speak to people outside via a microphone – useful for calling for help in a disaster or for ordering from a drive-through without having to wind the windows down.

With all that kit inside, the Maybach 62 is better equipped than some people’s houses – and unsurprisingly it costs more than some houses too.

No.7VW Camper van

Okay, so a VW Camper is probably cheating – you can, and some people do, genuinely live in them let alone sleep in them. And that’s why it’s not our number one.

All the space you could need, proper insulation, clever use of space for extra storage, plus a dedicated bedroom and kitchen – what more could you need?

One man lived in his campervan in the car park at Google, where he worked, for more than a year because he couldn’t afford a flat – so we know they’re good for staying in for long periods of time.

In the short term though, they’re also perfect for holidays, travelling or as a replacement for bricks and mortar – campervans are the obvious way to go to get a good night’s sleep on four wheels.

No.6Ford Transit

It may not technically be a car, but if you want a decent night’s sleep on the go you can’t go wrong with Britain’s most popular van.

Just throw a mattress in the back of a Ford Transit and you’re good to go.

It may be a little cold and utilitarian, and it lacks the comforts that some of the cars on our list offer, but as a no-frills snooze-wagon, it takes some beating.

No.5Toyota Hilux

Pickups might seem like an odd choice – after all, many only have two seats in their cramped little cab. But, for the more adventurous (and cold tolerant) among you, pickups offer a great opportunity for a little mobile camping.

With just a little ingenuity you can rig a tent to cover the back section, which is often big enough for a mattress, and you’ll also have space out there to keep your things – so provided you park out in the countryside you’ll get a good view from your new home.

The Hilux is legendarily rugged and hardwearing, so you’ll be able to take yourself pretty much anywhere you like.

No.4Skoda Superb

OK, you want an estate with lots of space to lie down in? How does 1,865 litres sound? Yup, 1,865.

Skoda’s reputation has soared in recent years and they’ve proven again that they can build a brilliant car. The Superb is cheaper than its Audi cousins and just as good – even if you just want to put the rear seats down and build a fort in the back.

No.3Volvo V70

Think Volvo and you probably imagine the V70 – and even at a cursory glance it seems obvious that it would make a great bed on the road.

With four back seats that fold down, and a foldable front passenger seat too, you’ll have plenty of room for a (smallish) mattress, while plenty of hidden compartments and roof rack rails offer loads of storage space.

Later models of the V70 are known for being exceptionally safe on the road, and they’re fairly affordable too, so they’re a great choice for anyone who needs to both sleep in their car and travel around.

No.2Chrysler Grand Voyager

An absolute monster on the road and definitely designed with comfort in mind, the Chrysler Grand Voyager could almost have been designed to be a makeshift home.

Five of the Grand Voyager’s seven seats fold under the floor to create a giant flat space in the back ideal for setting up your bed, while the spacious interior provides massive storage space even with the seats upright.

Early, cheaper, models had some pretty dubious EuroNCAP results, but as long as you’re sleeping and not driving you won’t need to worry too much about that. Just park it away from the road.

No.1Citroen CX Safari

As well as oozing Gallic charm and idiosyncrasy, the estate version of the Citroen CX is massive.

The CX retained some of the style from its legendary predecessor, the DS, and all of the comfort, with class-leading rear legroom and three rows of seats.

Popular with speedway and other motorcycle racers because of its ridiculously large boot, you could probably sleep in it as a family of four, let alone on your own.

Magnifique, and our number one.


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