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8 Victorian terrace garden ideas to make the space feel bigger

Victorian terraced garden

Gardens are a boon, especially in the summertime, even if it’s a tiny garden in a Victorian terraced house. So how can you make the most of the space? Here are eight Victorian terrace garden ideas to make your space look and feel bigger than it really is.


We’re used to making rooms feel bigger and more airy with the strategic placement of a mirror. Your Victorian terrace garden is no different.

Nowadays, you can buy mirrors specifically for outdoor use. They can be a good investment as they bounce light into dark corners and spaces and give the illusion of depth and space beyond the wall on which they hang.

But think carefully about where you hang your mirror and, once mounted on the wall or fence, check the view from all angles. It’s far better for your mirror to reflect on a bird bath or raised flower bed than the rubbish bins or a compost heap.


Bushes – especially the bushes in a neglected Victorian terraced garden – take up a lot of ground space, so take the secateurs to them or dig them out.

You can replace the bushes with border plants, pot plants or new turf to make your small Victorian terrace garden feel bigger.

Victorian terraced garden

3. Mow your Victorian terraced house garden strategically

If you have a long narrow lawn, mow the grass crossways, and if you have a short wide garden, mow it lengthways. When you train your grass like this, it will give the illusion that short gardens are longer and narrow gardens are wider.

4. Plant vertically

You can create more ground space and make more of the lawns of your Victorian terraced backyard by turfing over your borders and planting vertically.

You could try planting a living wall or using hanging baskets at different heights to add colour and depth to the garden. And remember: hanging baskets don’t have to be restricted to flowers. Herbs, strawberries and tomatoes will be just as happy in a well-fed hanging basket.

5. Plan your Victorian house yard like you would plan a room

Decide what’s going where. For instance, you might decide taht the barbecue and garden table should go on the patio, the sun lounger should go on the decking, and the paddling pool should go on the lawn. Different surfaces will divide the garden into distinct zones, make it feel more organised and bigger than it really is.

Victorian terraced garden

6. Choose garden furniture carefully

While wandering around B&Q looking for garden furniture, you can easily get carried away and buy tables and chairs that are way too big for your tiny Victorian terrace garden.

Maje sure you measure the space before you buy your outdoor furniture, and be sure to buy tables and chairs in proportion to the available space. If they are too big, they will swamp the garden, become the main focus of attention and make your outdoor space feel smaller.

Alternatively, have some bespoke furniture made and plan storage space into chairs and benches. Even if you don’t want to go the custom-made route, there are quite a few options for furniture pieces that combine storage and seating nowadays.

7. Tidy the shed

Sheds are brilliant outdoor storage rooms, but it’s easy to neglect them and turn them into a place where rubbish accumulates. If the lawnmower breaks or the barbecue rusts, get it cleaned, fixed or take it to the dump rather than hiding it in the shed.

Sure, you can’t see it when you close the door, but it won’t go away. Sort it out and keep your shed clutter free so you have room for those garden accessories that you only have out occasionally.

Victorian terraced garden

8. Go wild with plants

Group together plant pots of different sizes and different finishes to add splashes of colour around your patio and garden paths. Mix and match flowers and herbs to provide scent and colour.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on planters. Instead, be imaginative; a chimney pot, brightly coloured bucket, biscuit tin and even a teapot could be used as a planter!

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