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MG Owners’ Club Insurance

Regardless of the MG you own, our MG Owners’ Club insurance offers you an excellent discount with a plethora of features and benefits for your car insurance.

To celebrate the launch of the new MG Owners’ Club insurance scheme, Adrian Flux will GUARANTEE to beat each members existing MG insurance renewal by a minimum of £25. Terms apply*

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MG Owners’ Club Insurance

With over 50 years’ of experience, Adrian Flux have established themselves as
the UK’s largest specialist motor insurance broker and are delighted to be the
new custodians of the MG Owners’ Club insurance scheme.

The scheme is exclusive to MG Owners’ Club members who will benefit from an
insurance offering packed full of features and benefits that have been carefully
selected to suit the needs and requirements of club members. In addition, all
Agreed Valuations will be undertaken by the MG Owners’ Club.

How can I reduce the cost of my MG car insurance?

There are a number of ways to reduce the cost of your insurance
including telling us about any no claims discount you have built up,
limiting your mileage or by keeping your car in a garage overnight.
MG Owners’ Club members also benefit from up to 15% discount.

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MG Owners’ Club insurance scheme, administered by Adrian Flux Insurance

Developed in partnership with the MG Owners’ Club, the club insurance scheme is a tailored panel offering for members and features within it an exclusive policy with features and benefits that guarantee:

Track day cover

Included for officially recognised MG Owners’ Club events.

Cover for drivers of all ages

Cover available for both experienced and young drivers, even those who have just passed their tests


Allows the policyholder to self-repair and contributes towards labour costs.

Salvage retention

Available in a total loss situation.

Agreed value

Fulfilled by the specialists at the MG Owners’ Club.

No loss of your no claims

No loss of no claims bonus following vandalism or if hit by an uninsured driver.

Member to member cover

Comprehensive cover to drive another MG Owners’ Club members car.

Member discount

15% MG Owners’ Club member discount.

Excess protect

Reimburses up to £300 of your excess if you need to pay it and are unable to recover it from a third party.

Club rallies

Cover for club events including voluntary driving.

Spare parts cover

£3,000 of cover for the loss or damage to any motor part or accessory associated with the MG.

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*Policyholder must be an active MG Owners’ Club member. Excludes current Adrian Flux renewals. Proof of renewal quote may be required. Underwriting criteria applies – Adrian Flux must be able to return a price. Quotes must be obtained via the phone number listed above. Quotes gained direct from Aggregators are excluded. Your alternative price does not include any ancillary products. There are no cash alternatives. Adrian Flux reserve the right to remove the offer at its discretion.

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