17 things we learned about driverless cars this month

driverless cars

17 things we learned about driverless cars this month

While some will argue that driverless cars are the future, others are keen to ensure they ill always be in control of their vehicle. Whilst that debate rages on there has been a lot of news recently about autonomous cars. So, in case you missed the last few weeks of driverless car news, here are 17 things we learned this month.


1.    Donald Trump’s administration are revising Obama-era guidelines on driverless cars to spur industry innovation and encourage “new entrants and ideas that deliver safer vehicles”. 

2.    North Carolina lawmakers are trying to stay ahead of the technology by creating the rules that governs them.

3.    Audi are using the public to inform moral decisions that driverless cars will need to make.

4.    Daimler are the manufacturer closest to bringing a driverless car to market.

5.    Pro driverless car legislation stalled in Illinois. 

6.    A US District Judge slapped restrictions on Uber’s driverless car research in a trade secrets lawsuit.

7.    Pittsburgh has withdrawn its support of Uber and driverless tests in the city.

8.    Colorado has passed the first law to regulate (allow) driverless cars.

9.    France is planning its first driverless cars.

driverless cars


10.    It could take drivers up to a minute to regain control of a driverless car.

11.    Driverless cars could be legal in Europe by 2020.

12.    Driverless cars will be part of a $7 trillion market by 2050.

13.    Driverless cars could mean the end of F1 drivers.

14.    Driverless cars could mean the end of the driving test by 2032.

15.    Driverless car technology stocks are doing well.

16.    Driverless cars could double up as security cameras.

17.    Driverless cars will end parking fines.