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Motorists should get the green light to let their cars “self-drive” on British motorways later this year – but what will the new rules mean and which cars already have driverless technology? The experts at Adrian Flux answer your questions about the change in the law and the driverless technology that already exists. When will […]

A driverless Range Rover Sport concept car has been developed as part of a £20 million Government-backed project aimed at keeping the UK in the fast lane when it comes to autonomous automotive design and innovation. The Range Rover Sport concept is a fully autonomous car that can safely negotiate traffic lights, T-junctions, roundabouts and […]

While some will argue that driverless cars are the future, others are keen to ensure they ill always be in control of their vehicle. Whilst that debate rages on there has been a lot of news recently about autonomous cars. So, in case you missed the last few weeks of driverless car news, here are 17 things […]

If you didn’t see the story in the news, police in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, arrested a man on 13 May 2017 for drink driving after his car reported he had crashed. You don’t have to travel that far back in time to reach a point where this story would have read like science fiction. Most […]

If you’ve ever been stuck in a traffic jam, you’ll understand the appeal of driverless cars. But how much would it take for you to build one? The infographic below provides a step-by-step guide on how to build a driverless car, taking inspiration from some of the people that have already managed it! Of course, […]

Across the world Driverless cars aren’t just being developed and tested in the UK. It’s a global phenomenon. Governments across the world – from the US, UK, Australia, Germany, and France, to Sweden and Japan – are backing the development of autonomous vehicles, their official name. It’s not just established motor manufacturers like Ford, BMW, […]

We’ve all been there: sat in a queue waiting to get into the car park, praying the FULL sign will switch to 1 SPACE AVAILABLE. Or if we’re not in a queue, we’re searching the city’s side roads for that elusive on-street parking spot. The trouble with owning our own cars – forgive the pun […]

In a word, no. But that hasn’t halted a fierce debate that has been raging for years about how a computerised car might assess human life in an accident. First thought up in the 1960s, the so-called ‘Trolley Problem’ is now being projected onto driverless cars, raising some rather morbid moral questions. In it’s traditional […]

Google might be sinking millions of dollars into designing and developing self-driving cars, but the results of a survey by Adrian Flux reveal that very few of us would consider buying one once they eventually hit the roads. Despite the hype around the new technology, the recent survey has discovered that more than 70 per […]