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Driverless Car Insurance

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The future is here, and driverless cars are finally a reality on the roads of Britain. From cruise control to full-blown autopilot, many of our cars now come with driver-assisting technology as standard, and plenty of us are set to go fully driverless in the coming years – but what does that mean for your insurance?

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Unlike every insurance policy that you’ve ever held in the past, driverless car insurance needs to cover you against a whole host of modern problems, not just your typical bumps and scrapes. From faulty software and corrupted downloads, to patchy satellite coverage and firewall failures, your driverless car needs cover that matches the modern dangers that you might face on the road.

With Adrian Flux’s driverless car insurance policy, the first of its type in the UK, you can get all the cover you need to meet the demands of modern motoring. Provided with cover against software glitches, hardware failures, and even hacking by third parties, you’ll be able to own and drive the very latest in automotive technology with complete peace of mind.

What Does Driverless Car Insurance Cover?

Our new driverless policy will cover you against:

  • Loss or damage to your car caused by hacking or attempted hacking of its operating system or other software
  • Updates and patches to your car’s operating system, firewall, and mapping and navigation systems that have not been successfully installed within 24 hours of you being notified by the manufacturer
  • Satellite failure or outages that affect your car’s navigation systems
  • Failure of the manufacturer’s software or failure of any other authorised in-car software
  • Loss or damage caused by failing when able to use manual override to avoid an accident in the event of a software or mechanical failure

Just like with all of our standard car insurance policies, we’ll also provide the following:

  • Comprehensive, third party, fire and theft cover levels
  • Cover for displaying your car at shows or rallies
  • Up to £400 cover for in-car entertainment or navigation systems
  • £500 cover for replacing car keys, locks and alarms if your keys are stolen
  • Windscreen cover included as standard on comprehensive policies

Autonomous Car Insurance From The Specialists

As the UK’s first insurance broker to offer driverless car insurance, Adrian Flux is continuing its long history of providing the insurance cover that other brokers can’t.

With more than 50 years’ experience in the insurance industry, and with the title of the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker, Adrian Flux’s highly trained staff can provide insurance quotes for any driverless car that you might own.

Want to find out more about driverless cars?

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Click here to view the driverless car insurance policy document.

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