Kymco – Xciting?


Kymco Xciting 400i Maxi Scooter kills the boring commute.

Commuting using public transport is becoming a real issue with ever-increasing costs, increasing delays and the overcrowding to contend with. The same can apply to using your own car to commute into cities. The Xciting 400 from Kymco offers a superb alternative to humdrum commuting. Influx rode one for some months and never had a boring commute to any appointments.

Kymco 400 xciting

Cities and towns are getting congested and the problem is only getting worse. Many are introducing congestion charges similar to what London already has in place. These charges combined with London’s new emissions charges means many drivers that did commute have had to seek other ways to travel, but they then face the issues mentioned in the introduction. A Catch-22 situation.

Above, you can see the situation I was faced when asked to quickly get to a London Film Studio.

The right-hand image shows the best route I was shown which even in a car would have been a chore, but as I knew I was taking the Kymco I didn’t worry about the ride. It turned out to be a lovely ride taking in lots of views of the River Thames which (in a car) I would not have
seen because of sitting lower down. The Xciting offers a superb, comfortable riding position.

The large fairing envelops the rider protecting them from the elements really well. Wind is stopped, allowing quiet riding too. The seat is very comfortable and even on long touring rides I never felt numb bum syndrome…

I could wear smart clothing under my safety jacket and store my helmet and gloves in the space under the large and comfortable seat.

It allows for easy riding, for both new and experienced riders. No gears, it’s directdrive and very agile. It has plenty of power when you need it and can cruise at motorway speeds for long stretches.

The Xciting’s mpg is superb, on all types of rides, from fast cruising to slowish commutes I averaged 66mpg.

Great advantages of having a Maxi Scooter are the savings you make on running costs. Tax? £66 a year. Very low maintenance costs and long service intervals, too. And low cost insurance with the likes of Bikesure.

Kymco 400 xciting

I rode the Xciting into London several times and found it a breeze. I had no congestion charges, free parking with plenty of locations close to the buildings I had to visit, so there was very little travel at either end of the journey.

The Kymco Xciting 400 can be purchased through dealers with a finance package, so it is even more attractive as an alternative to public transport.

As well as all the benefits I have mentioned the Kymco Xciting 400 is good looking, with stylish detailing. I recommend visiting a Kymco dealer to arrange a test ride. You won’t regret purchasing one.