The Ferrari F40: Legend, Relic, Fantasy?


"What message do we leave for the future? A handbook for survival, stories from the past. Who would believe such mythical beasts existed, without evidence? When petrol pumps become museum pieces, the scent of fuel remains as a distant memory, "

Porsche, Past, Present

Cars Culture

"Cars change. It’s a simple statement, and an observable one. At the same time, it could be argued they don’t. The steering, the exhaust note, the grip of the tyres to the road – though these may technically vary "

Renault 5: Boys and Their Toys


"Growing up, there’s always been a vehicle that never left our minds. Regardless of the shape, colour or make - chances are we’re yet to forget it. Not a single car has been mentioned, but you’ve thought "

Audi Quattro: Retro Presence


"It’s more than just the motor. It’s the history; the stories the metal tells with each scrape, bump or nick and the memories that the fabrics of the seats weave with their smell and feel. To many, that’"

Audi Quattro Concept Car


"Few concepts are guaranteed to get us hot under the collar like Audi's resurrection of the original Quattro. The Audi Quattro concept car from 2010 commemorated 30 years of Quattro all-wheel-drive and specifically paid homage to the revered Sport Quattro of 1984. First "

Sensation: Community and Passion in Devon


"Auboné Braddon is one of the country’s leading experts on Ford Anglias. He owns 12 of them. But he doesn’t possess a driving licence. That is because Auboné is visually impaired. But this disadvantage has not hindered his love "