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Edition 104
Cars That Made The 90s: Part 2 – Sports and Performance
The 90s defined a new era of sports and performance cars, with a vast array of models taking the culture by storm.
Edition 103
Cars That Made The 90s: Part 1 – Daily Drivers
The nineties was the decade that gave British motorists more options than ever before. Not only were European models - such as the E36 BMW, Audi A4 and the Volvo 850 - offering viable alternatives to cars from homegrown brands like Vauxhall, MG and Rover.

Digital Editions

Influx 08

Coinciding with Adrian Flux’s 40th anniversary, the eighth Influx magazine brings together some of our favourite writers and artists from previous editions. Each one contributing their own take on events in the automotive sphere over the last eight years, this edition provides a unique vision of where motoring stands now, where it’s come from and where it’s headed.

Influx 07

In a reimagined minizine Influx, we strip motoring back to its fundamentals; what makes a car and what defines a classic. Influx explores the concept of cars as art and bikes as a cultural release, whilst our photo feature hones in on the legends behind modern motoring and those who were there back when it all began.

Influx 06

From exotic supercars to trucking through the Middle East, the influential car designs of Giugiaro to the dreams of art students – this Influx edition is one of contrasts. We examine the cutthroat world of kart racing, James Bond’s Esprit S1 and the rat-bikers of San Francisco, whilst looking at what the Motorcycle Action Group is doing for bikers nationwide.

Influx 05

British motoring dominates this edition, as a feature on English motoring greats coincides with the launch of the Jaguar XF, a showcase on the pioneering Land Rover and the unveiling of Gloucestershire’s very own supercar. American muscle cars and Honda design classics bring up the rear, following features on a few of our heroes; Moss, Fangio and Sheene.

Influx 04

Influx looks to the future this issue with the Pininfarina Modulo, whilst a backwards glance documents our journey from Peking to Paris in a classic ’58 Beetle. A feature on the inimitable Ayrton Senna sits alongside a look back on the F1 paddock of the sixties, and Influx chats to five disabled bikers pushing themselves, and their rides, to the limit.

Influx 03

The Ferrari F430 Spider features on the cover this issue as we look at one of the prettiest cars in a generation. French car sculptors and BMW art car producers go under the microscope to bring you pages of sultry design, whilst Group B rallying, drifting superstars, British surf icons and the incomparable James Hunt add a dash of speed and testosterone to the mix.

Influx 02

In the second Influx edition our Car Show section explores the coolest cars of the future, the prototypes that might never make it and the modern-day classics you’ll be seeing on a street near you very soon. We look at the iconic Gumball Rally, the resurgence in global biker gangs and drag racing, plus some of the finest custom cars in the world.

Influx 01

The debut Influx Mag. With custom Japanese trucks and the burgeoning boy racer scene in China, through to Evel Knievel appreciation week and design classics from the continent, this edition is truly global in scale. Interviews, features and galleries abound in our first look at the world’s finest car cultures.