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End of term hi- jinx as F1 bosses rag Ford Escort Mexicos beyond the limit...

Is there anything cooler than an original Ford Escort Mexico?

Yes, I tell you what is cooler than an original Ford Escort Mexico. A couple of fistfuls of original Ford Escort Mexicos, with Formula One bosses at the helm; men like John Surtees, Jack Brabham, Max Mosley and Colin Chapman ragging the bejeesus out of the cars in a winner-take-all challenge at an English race track.

The year is 1971. The location is Brands Hatch. Not sure who had the genius idea of pitting F1’s supremos head-to-head in Ford’s talismanic everyman racer. But they deserve a medal.

Check out the classic commentary and analysis, too, particularly the Dick Dastardly punditry by classic cad and World Champ Graham Hill.

Apparently the event was known as the Jack Brabham trophy. You can read a detailed report from the time here – plus a load of other info.

But we just wanted an excuse to share with you a couple of pictures of our favourite car from the period.

The Ford works team was practically unbeatable in rallying in the late 1960s early 1970s.

Strange to think that only around 10,000 Mk1 Ford Escort Mexicos were built. For such a small car with such a small original run – there can’t be a more influential car in UK car history.

Be interesting to see where the cars that competed in this race are now.

Classic provenance, right there.