Friday Bike Crush: Custom W- uhini.


fun looking Kawasaki-based custom sand sled from Deus...

images via DEUS

It’s a while since we posted a custom build Bike Crush.

But sick of the mud and the wet of this English El Niño winter, we were musing and dreaming of dry Californian landscapes, when we spotted this little buzzer on the Deus site.

Apparently the guys from the Venice California Deus franchise call this the ‘ W-`ühini’ .




It is obviously based on Kawasaki’s versatile W-series, which we have mistaken for a Triumph Bonneville more than once. This one is apparently a 650 bored out to 800cc.

According to Deus the bike’s name come from the Hawaiian word for Grasshopper, and as you can see it is set up as an agile gad-fly to nip around all those lovely dry offroad bits and pieces you can find all over the Golden State.

Builder Michael Woolaway is from the Islands, and was inspired, it seems, by classic Brit Desert Sleds. This vibrant take on a classic theme is a refreshing little bike, especially if like us you are craving a bit of dry trail.

The small front wheel and the huge Brembo discs give the bike a perky, quick look – and we dig the doubtlessly very noisy little cut-off pipes in matte the whole package screams fun. Dry fun.

Happy weekend. We hope you don’t get too drenched!