Green Machines For Xmas



We know, that every boy from the age of six to 106 would dig this little Bentley Soapbox for Christmas: but you’re not having it.

Because the sexy little creation is Bentley’s. And only Bentley’s it was a result of 2008’s Bentley’s Green Power experiment. But, of course, there a whole plethora of sexy little electric machines that register on the radar of desire. Take this Daimler-Benz concept for example.


Built apparently by Benz trainees in homage to the company’s early experiemtns in auto engineering, we can see the appeal of this sort of alternative transport. Fuel Cells and lightweight motoring are one way to feel good about your movement for 2010.

More practical, however, would be this electric powered and pedal cycle by San Francisco Based company Ultra Motors. The A2B has 500 watts of power and a 20 mile range that would cover most urban journeys.