Hip to Be Square?


Scout Poster

Sometimes sophisticated industrial processes are over-rated. Sure, we love the hand-wrought curve of fine steel wrapped around a frame and some rolling gear. But luscious curves  alone do not a cool motor make.

box appeal

The Americans, in particular, have always known how to construct a good-looking box-on-wheels. It wasn’t just the stoic Swedes at Volvo who knew the beauty of form following function.

function over form

Many an angular hunk of automotive goodness has been manufactured in the name of utility right out of the foundries and production lines of Detroit.

We can’t be the only ones who have gazed longingly  out of airliners’ port holes at the ultimate utility vehicles – that’s right: those beauties that trundle around airport aprons. But could a milk-float ever be cool?

We think with the right box-like stripped-down aesthetic, there’s no reason why not. Just look at this hunkered down Stud.

Studebaker square truck