Hot Wheels Goes Live!


We’re not sure if we’re posting this because it is a spectacular act of sublime automotive madness, because it is a brilliant bit of viral marketing, or whether the coverage is so good.

Either way, the Indy 500 weekend just past saw driver Tanner Foust (who apparently co-presents Top Gear America) complete a pretty spectacular world record distance jump in a custom built, jacked up monsterish truck.

It’s an inspired bit of action because we guarantee that if you’re reading this you will have at some point in your adult life spent an idle moment or two wondering what it would be like to do this.

The jump set a world record of 332 feet and air time was a full four seconds. There’s some interesting back-story here and some revelatory insight into the trim consequences of brake/throttle heel and toe action.

Two days, two million views. Which is more impressive – the feat or those viral figures?