McLaren turns 50 this year!


We’re McLaren fans here at Influx towers. When a company turns 50 years old, as this stalwart of British automotive engineering does this year, then we reckon it’s worth celebrating.

Ever since the now classic F1 rolled out of the hanger and on to our roads, the company has been about so much more than motorsport. Allowing the tech and the passion of the racetrack to spill out on the roads, they’ve kept pushing the envelope of what’s possible on four wheels.

We might not have had the chance to drive a McLaren on the road as yet – but we’re hoping to get up close and personal with the magnficent P1 – perchance to dream.

And with the anniversary celebrations set to peak in September, at the height of the F1 season – it’s be a shame not to root for Button and a McLaren title charge. Here’s hoping. Just a shame that Lewis Hamilton won’t be on the crew to help the campaign.

Stay tuned for more 50th anniversary coverage as when it happens.