MG Metro 6R4


Group B homologator and an MG Metro likely lad...

Group B rally inspired an entire generation to max the horsepower from their accessible little runabout.

And of all the mentalist classics that received the Group B makeover in the early-mid eighties, none was as unlikely or appealing than the Metro 6R4.

The homologator model of this mad little car, known as the Metro 6R4 Clubman, developed around 250 BHP from its centrally mounted, 3-litre V6 engine.


The build of the engine was inspired by the Cosworth DFV engine – and unlike most Group B power units was naturally aspirated. The usual quota of around 200 units was produced in order for the car to qualify for Group B – but apparently there were around a dozen or so that sold around the world which were hopped up and deristricted – and produced more like 400 BHP.


We reckon the Metro 6R4 must be the most mentalist car ever to roll out of the plant at Longbridge – and though the car’s Group B success never really took off after a promising third in the Lombard RAC rally of 1985 – it will always be remembered as the car that gave the ruthlessly unglamorous Leyland supermini a tweaked alter-ego.

If it were possible to turn a Metro into a Group B monster of note – then surely you, young man – could turn up the dials on that little NOVA. So went the well-weighted marketing rational.

Real inspiration.