Nitro Nights

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Out over here next year this hardback promises to be a visual feast for all Nitro Heads.

It is a collection of photography that documents the famous March meet at the Famoso drag strip in Bakersfield, California, one of the biggest Drag events on the planet.

The event isn’t part of the pro circuit but draws huge crowds to the Raceway with its quarter mile straight which the cars will take in five and a half seconds! Originally an Army base the track was created in the 1950’s by a bunch of hotrodders known as ‘The Bakersfield Smokers’.

The photography, which forms the backbone of the book, is by the award winning LA snapper Ted Soqui and you can smell the burning rubber and hear the roar of the throttles through his images.

If you can’t wait till next year check out his website for a taste of those nitro fuelled burn ups and watch this space over the next few months for our own in depth portrayal of California car culture.

Ted Soqui – Saturday Night Nitro

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