Porsche 911 GT3



Well, it’s that Geneva time again. And part of the fun of this time of year is not only digging the new cars that are launched, but enjoying how the sophisticated marketing machine cranks into action. Of any we have seen recently, Porsche’s web special for the new 911 GT3 takes the biscuit.


It’ll be no surprise to any of us that the GT3 just keeps getting better. We love the long, low profile and the hourglass shape evoked from the birds’ eye perspective makes this monster all the more voluptuous.

There have been murmurings from many that the new ‘manageability’ of the GT3, with its super-tech suspension and rear wheel steering system, takes it away from its purist, mentalist, heel-toe fetishist roots, but hell, it’s a superb car, honed to within an inch of its life, almost as a test-bed for race tech/street crossover.

We reckon it IS a shame that you can no longer opt for a stick-shift manual, however.