Radio Controlled Drifting


We’re not averse to the joys of drifting. We can dig the appeal. As the FIA outcast rebel motorsport, full of counterintuitive weighted rear ends, welded diffs and an aesthetic of smoke and sideways-ness that rubs the old guard fundamentally up the wrong way, we’re all for it.

But watching this amazing little video confirms that sliding sideways in Radio Controlled cars make even more sense.

Delving deep into this RC subcult you can see that it requires a special kind of dedication – and one that you can’t help admire.

Apparently, it’s all in the creation of the right kind of slippery rubber wear, which when combined with AWD models, make it easy to kick the back out while holding a line.

These guys have also combined the aesthetic of your classic hip hop vid with incredibly detailed modded RC models.

Power to their dextrous fingers. Highlight of the vid comes with the parking skills demontrated around 2’30”. [youtube][/youtube]