The floppy Volvo P1900 Sport


We’re a big fan of Volvo here at Influx towers, and have even been known to tinker with a lovely p1800E every now and then. We think the design integrity and stylish twist on a shooting brake that is the ES is one of the nicest examples of Scandinavian design, like, ever.

But recently we stumbled upon some images of our favourite Scando’s rare, plastic predecessor – the 1900S- and we’re surprised and a little embarrassed that we’ve never actually come across this baby before.

Apparently inspiration for the fibreglass bodied roadster came from the Corvette. Like the ‘vette the fibreglass body encased a tubular steel frame – but unlike the vette the design was an absolute flop.

In the end only 60 odd examples were produced – with the p1800 eventually sweeping all before it and selling in tens of thousands.

Pity. The car was cute whilst it lasted.


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