Friday Van Crush: Dodge 108 Explorer Camper Van


This beautiful camper was a fleeting street spot a couple of weeks ago.

But, luckily, we spotted the van static a couple of days ago and had a closer look. Apparently, this Dodge A-108 camper was a longer wheelbase version of the A100 series of Dodge vans, and was produced between 1967 and 1970.

This example is in really great condition, and is, we presume, the property of a surfer who spends his time in the softly rolling water of Saunton Sands in North Devon. It’s full of character, and as one reader mentioned when we posted the initial picture recently, it looks like the notorious mobile meth factory used by Walter White and jesse in hit cult TV series Breaking Bad.

Seeing this sort of wagon by the surfy seaside is a welcome relief from the legions of T4 and T5 VW transporters that clog the coastal arteries.

If you are, or know the owner of this beauty, we’d love to hear from you.