Wheels and Waves


Images Jo Fischer

The second edition of the Wheels and Waves took place at Biarritz last week. The event, choreographed by those fine folk at Southsiders, have been right at the heart of the new wave (geddit) of bike culture; one that features a hybridised fascination with beards, surfboards and skateboards – but retains the old school aesthetic of road trips and rocking good times.


And now, here, in the age of the inter-webs, the word has gotten loose all over the planet that the previously mortally exclusive worlds of skate, surf and motorcycles are no longer separated by Chinese walls. Expect the electronic sphere to be pulsing with images from this year’s road trip to Biarritz: but we thought we’d share these lovely early dispatches in the form of portraits of some of the faces of New Bike Culture – European style.


The pics are the work of photographer Jo Fischer. They are simple, uninflected little portraits, which, in the assemblage, shine a revealing light on the fact that bikers ain’t what they used to be…and hurrah for that!