Alfa Giulia Berlina


This year the Giulia’s iron-steady, three box stalwart celebrates its 50th birthday. And for all its very un-Italian, simple stoicism, we think it’s a classic that needs to be celebrated.
Though the sexier, more svelte 105s, GTs and Spiders through their shadows across the Berlina’s chunky profile, it’s amazing to think that Orazio Satta’s design registered a drag coefficient of just 0.34 – whereas the E-type, it’s sleek contemporary registered a relatively air-clogging 0.44.

Fidel knew his motors!

Subtle curves, baby. Spatial engineering and practical artfulness. That was the name of the Berlina game.

And though it didn’t look as if it should, apparently the Berlina handled and performed well too: with a shade under 100HP being cranked out of the single carbed 1570cc’d engine – and the ‘super Ti’ wearing the cloverleaf badge and scoring a healthy amount of success in GT racing in the mid sixties.

We love it.