Bizzarrini concept – P538 Barchetta Prototype


This might be in the realms of pure fantasy, but hell, its the Friday before Christmas. We stumbled upon this afternoon an amazing Barchetta concept from 2008 badged under the noble moniker of Bizzarini.

It was called, apparently, The Bizzarrini p538 Prototype and a small run of series production was planned for both a Speedster/Barchetta version as pictured and a GT Hardtop.

The complete subframe and outer shell are made from carbon fiber and the compartment behind the seats contains that wicked 7 liter Chevrolet LS7 engine (the very same as in the hot Vettes). Punching hard with over 500 HP and tipping the scales at a very svelte 1200 kg, it would be very very quick.

Bizzarrini of course made his name in penning the lines of the sublime 250GTO , but he went on also to create a nice own-brand range of relatively obscure classic supercars and GTs.

Not sure if any of these ever made it past the showcar stage, but that low slung powerhouse has the imagination running wild.