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The Time Traveller

“Look!”, they shouted, as a thunderous roar rasped above the forest, cutting through the mist and skimming the treetops like a stone across water.

A little girl desperately warning her father, “It’s going to crash, it’s going to crash!”. The noise now deafening, the branches slamming against the craft as it descended ever closer to earth.

The vibrations sending shockwaves through their bones.

“It’s not going to crash, it’s going to land!” he said, feeling her racing heart pound as she threw her arms around him, turning away in horror.

The sky turned red, the forest fell silent and nobody made a sound.  

“Shhhhh”, someone hushed, “Listen…”  

Cautiously they made their way through the ferns and grasses. An eerie calmness shrouded what had moments before been an earth-shattering scene of panic and disbelief.

The trees stood tall and quiet, the dark of night swallowed their every move as a distant glow burned brighter and brighter. Hotter and hotter.

The little girl now bravely leading the way, longing to see what had landed.

Loosening his collar, the girl’s father struggled through the winding tracks as the air got stuffier and warmer.

Finally, they reached the burning light which sat in a clearing. A deep red glow hovering above the ground as it made a low humming warble.

“What is it?” the little girl wondered.

Before anyone had chance to speak, the ethereal craft was gone in a flash of bright white light.

The boom was felt throughout the forest, the gush of wind, the blast of light. But no trace was left behind, no evidence of what had happened that night, no proof of what they’d seen.

Wonder is all they had, wonder is all they needed.


Thanks to Munich Legends for the chance to share this BMW M1 with the world