Bowler EXR-S – Extreme Landrover


We're in awe of the über Land Rover

The Bowler EXR-S is a mental car.

It’s powered by a supercharged five litre V8 that produces 510 horsepower and more torque than the Titanic. In this Dakar-inspired road car the Derbyshire company have created something otherworldly.

For optimum weight distribution the engine of the EXR-S is set way back – almost centrally like the setup of Ferrari’s 599 Fiorano. There’s a six speed semi-auto and paddle shifters too. What it amounts to is an off-road-able monster that has all the power and handling characteristics of a straight-ahead supercar. Only more so.

Autocar proved a while ago that it could keep up with a Caterham Seven around the twisties.

Bowler will customise your EXR-S to any spec you want – be it for actually competing in long distance off-road races or just out SUV-ing any premiership footballer known to Cheshire.

And as part of a supercar collection, who wouldn’t jump at the chance of owning such a slice of English Iron?

It’s Monday. We’re in love.