Cruising in the Porsche 964: the 911 underdog


Whilst underappreciated, we still have a soft spot for the Porsche 911 964

Red Porsche 911 964 on a grey background

Not sure why, but the 964 variant of the 911 is a particular favourite of ours.

Perhaps it’s because we like the underdog. From the glorious history of Zuffenhausen-wrought auto loveliness, this is probably the designation of the totemic brand that is least loved by the rank and file.

According to many it has a myriad of faults in the mechanics, the height of which was the acknowledged fact that in the earlier (pre-1991) models, they were fitted without a head gasket. This bright idea backfired, apparently, when heat caused the engine seals to warp and oil weeped out liberally.

There are loads of other myths, legends and scare-stories about the 964 – but for us, they are all transcended by the classic bug-eyed steez.

After the 964 came the 993 – with that slightly rounded out form (still lovely, particularly the Turbo), but in the name of progress, 911s, in our honest opinion, haven’t been quite as ‘911-ish’ since.

The video below is the perfect illustration of how that original profile is retained in the 964 – even alongside a seventies classic.

And what’s more – they are relatively affordable. The perfect entry-level automotive icon.

video via Flappy Paddle Heads