Iso Grifo


we love the sexiest Italian American slice of muscle...

Of all the testosterone-heavy GT cars of the late sixties and early seventies, none are as heavily swinging with male swagger as the Iso Grifo.

In its various lovely manifestations from the mid sixties through ’til the brand’s demise in 1974, the format stayed the same. Italianate looks (thanks again to Giugiaro), and the torquey grunt of Ford or Chevrolet V8s tipping the scales at a maximum of 7 litres.


In this most brutish form the Iso Grifo was the fastest production car on the planet, though the claimed top-end of 186MPH may have been a little generous. According to most reports that velocity was never verified.

But no matter. We’ll take a late model 7 litre Chevy , in purple, please.