Triumph TR7


At the time I couldn’t stand the Triumph TR7. 

It was an abomination. Ugly. And many of the world’s motoring press said so, too.

It just didn’t make sense, that cheese-wedge shape, that inconsequentially pert rear three quarter; that strange lateral scalp that began on the dill and ended at the boot. And as for those Caledonia-Girl style seat trims, well…


But, looking at it from the perspective of Forty – yes FORTY years since its release – I feel completely different. It was bold, imaginative. It made the usual British Leyland fodder of the time, things like the Allegro, the Maxi and the Princess – look like the mechanical and aesthetic munters they actually were.

The fact that the Leyland production process was shockingly shoddy did for the car’s reputation – but I reckon if you can find one in mint condition it wouldn’t cost you much – and will probably be appreciating greatly.

Just wouldn’t like to have to use it as a daily drive.