California: Automotive Heaven or Hell?

Cars Culture

The word California is sprinkled with stardust.

It’s a crucible of dreams for some, hell on earth for others. Whatever you feel about it personally, it’s a place where the tectonic plates grind each upon each, creating untold energy that ripples all over the earth.

California car culture is reflective of this energy. It’s a place of extremes. Surely the most the petrol headed of the fifty petrol headed states and with more gas-guzzling cubic inches per square mile than anywhere on earth, it is also at the cutting edge of eco-consciousness.

Not only is much of the 37 Million-strong Californian population very aware of the fact that car technology must embrace new propulsion technologies to continue to exist, the valleys of the North of the state are bristling with technologists and energy theorists working to realise the dream of zero-emissions motoring.

California Pebble Beach poster

Between these two poles lay everything good, bad and bonkers in the automotive universe. Landing in San Francisco, and traveling down the fabled Highway One to Los Angeles, where the internal combustion engine remains resolute monarch, we’ll be meeting Low Riders, Rodders and speed freaks of every hue along the way.

Stay tuned.