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Jane from JHW Classics believes cars are made to be driven

“I do have a type….it’s rare and quirky….that’s it,” says Jane Weitzmann, owner and curator of JHW Classics.

She’s absolutely right, because there’s no other way of pigeon-holing the elegant owner of a vehicle collection that currently stands at about 40 cars. I say about, because I’m not entirely sure but ‘about 40’ sounds about right to me.

Jane’s company JHW Classics rent out their cars for film and television shoots, magazine shoots, weddings, funerals, school proms and probably bar mitzvahs as well. Jane has always been a collector of cars and it’s something that’s in her blood. Her father was a collector and she grew up with that unmistakable smell of oil, petrol and leather in her nostrils from a very early age. Her and her late husband also collected cars, so she knows no different and frankly wouldn’t have it any other way. These are not soulless museum pieces though, vacuum sealed and hidden away in a temperature controlled storage facility somewhere. Jane buys cars because she likes them, not because she feels they’ll necessarily make a good investment, although certain cars in her collection obviously tick both of those boxes. Essentially though, Jane will purchase a car because she wants to drive it and she wants to enjoy it and she sees absolutely no point in cars being owned and not used.

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