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Is this the ultimate collection of MX-5s?

First unveiled in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show, The Mazda MX5 has been around for a while now, and shows no sign of losing its popularity as a beautifully engineered roadster.

Now in its fourth incarnation, the styling, sophistication and safety features may have naturally updated and evolved over the years, but the classic formula that made this car such a hit nearly 30 years ago remain the same, and that’s the secret behind this little cracker. It’s a car for everybody and a car that demands to be driven. It’s been unfairly described as ‘a hairdresser’s car’ by a whole army of people who’ve never even sat in one, never mind driven one, and it’s only when you do drive one, that you very quickly begin to understand why people have fallen in love with it over the years, and how the simple recipe that Mazda created in the late 80s, is still at the heart of the MX5 in 2017.