Why Harley-Davidson?

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the totemic Harley-Davidson brand polarises opinion. Here's a fistful of reasons to be a hawgholic

Few brands on the planet, in the entire history of commerce, have such a strong identity as Harley-Davidson.

But for all that strength of identity, the brand has an amazingly diverse and multi-layered aspect. For some, all that noise and vibration is emblematic of mechanical inefficiency. For others, it is the definitive motorcycle, the machine that all other two-wheeled forms of transport should be reckoned by. We’ve said it before. We have never truly understood the enduring appeal of the Hawg.

Having been brought up ourselves on a mixture of the fizzing slickness of modern Japanese bikes and the dash and panache of European machines like Moto Guzzi, Ducati and Triumph, that the loveable Hawgness of the H-D brand has largely escaped us. But in the course of putting this thread together, we’ve glimpsed more than a handful of reasons that account for the way that Harleys are lodged in many a bikers’ hearts.